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Thrilled to be here! (and my music is too!)

Welcome to my updated website! I am so excited to be entering a new phase of my music production business where I am giving an increased focus to online presence, which will allow me to better interface with my potential clients (you!), provide more sample clips and video, and, in general, assess and meet your music needs in a more efficient and responsive manner!

In keeping with my desire to better serve you, I've created a new logo which I believe you will find to be both eye-catching and elegant:

I believe this logo catches the overall spirit of my music - encompassing both the epic nature of my compositions, as well as the more traditional "classical" style you can hear as the basis to many of my works. However, this certainly does not preclude the availability of other more "non-traditional" musical genres such as that used in EDM and gaming music! I love music of all types, and strive to stay up to date and proficient in creation of a myriad of styles. Please don't hesitate to inquire about your specific needs!

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