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The Magic of Music

As I delve ever deeper into the world of music, particularly in regards to the areas of synchronization to film and media, music becomes even more magical to me.

My awareness of the effects music has on an audience entranced by visual imagery and dialogue is becoming keener as I further study the art of film scoring.

Imagine one of those Hallmark-type commercials (you know the ones!) without the music. Would it still have that tear-triggering quality to it? Perhaps, but not likely. I don't have scientific proof, although I am sure studies have been done, of the catalystic actions that a deeply emotional piece of music adds to the narrative.

Would certain blockbuster movies be anywhere near as successful without the soundtrack? How often does a blockbuster movie and award-winning music go hand in hand?

Obviously for me, since I am a composer, my answers to the above questions would be "no", "no", and "extremely often". I see it very much as a package deal. The wonderful music, the artistic imagery enabled by that invention we call the camera, and the carefully worded dialog as a form of poetry, all go into making the movie viewing business the memorable experiences of which the audience so often partakes.

Next time one of those Hallmark commercials comes on the screen, try to imagine the effectiveness without the music. I believe you will find the music does, indeed, perform a bit of magic that we so often take for granted.

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