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Never Give Up On Your Dreams

It seems to me there is a special balance that needs to be in our lives between never giving up on our dreams, which are at the very core of our existence and drive us -

and the very difficult notion of trying to be content along the way.

I know I get very impatient, what about you?

I forget to savor the small victories along the way. What I don't want to happen, is to be so consumed with the end game of success, that getting there becomes a miserable perception of many small failures rather than the understanding of the heights we've already achieved.

Let's walk together up this challenging terrain, encouraging each other along the way, until we reach the pinnacle, perhaps very winded, but then realizing the breathtaking view we've now found before, beyond, and below us!

I suspect as you hear my music, you'll readily relate to some of the moods my songs portray. Some sadness - for melancholy is a part of life unfortunately; triumph; beauty; joy, hope, love. If you don't pick up on these then I am not doing my job as a composer.

But have no doubt, as I write my music, each of these emotions flutters around in my head and often shows as a pained or joyous expression on my face, just ask my family, who sometimes are afraid to look in on me in my studio for catching me "in my feelings", as one of my sons so aptly states.

One emotion I pray you will never find to be true with me, and I hope with you as well as you pursue your dreams - whatever they may be: the emotion of resignation, a.k.a. fatalism, final despair. Giving up is the only true way to fail. I whole-heartedly reject this concept!

Let's do this! Together!

#composer #dreamsCanComeTrue #blessedBeyondMeasure #giftsFromGod

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