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Like most musicians, I've always considered music to be a critical part of my life. From a relatively early age, I would bang around on our antique, horribly out-of-tune upright piano, forming out chords of which I didn't know the names, and melodies of hen-pecked keywork.

I was a member of the world famous Middle Road band organized and headed by my big sister, Missy, along with my older brother Les. Maybe not so world famous, but we did sing at various PTA functions, school talent shows, and even tried to charge neighborhood kids for concerts. 

Eventually I took up the bassoon as my primary musical outlet, and participated in community orchestras, school bands, and regional ensembles until the culmination of my high school musical career, being named to the 1984 Texas All-State Symphonic Orchestra. I continued on with bassoon in my early college years, but focused on my chosen career of software engineering.

After college graduation, I played principal bassoon with the Northeast Orchestra, a community orchestra in the Northeast Tarrant County area, in the middle of the Dallas / Fort Worth metropolitan area.

I eventually discovered MIDI sequencing software, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Music composition is my passion. As a professional composer / producer, my goal is to bring my listener, my customer, my audience the best possible auditory experience. Whether for listening enjoyment, product promotion, or immersive media enhancement / visual cueing, I go to great lengths to insure my products, my musical creations, are appropriate for the situation and exceed your expectations.

I look forward to working on your next project!

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